Welcome to our Digital Transparency Guide

In an age of disinformation, the need for news organizations that provide accurate and credible information is more important than ever. At WSLS and Graham Media Group, we believe journalism matters. We are proud to have served southwest and central Virginia for more than 70 years. While our industry has changed along the way, our promise and commitment to you remains the same – we are working for you.  

That's why we made this Digital Transparency Guide.

Transparency is more important now than ever, which is why we decided to pull back the curtain on the decisions we make in our newsroom, how we make them, and why.

To learn more, share comments, or ask questions - email trust@wsls.com

Our Promise to You

Transparency builds trust and trust is at the core of every relationship.

At WSLS we understand to earn your trust we must consistently provide accurate and credible information, by people you respect & like.

We understand nurturing that relationship requires conversation and transparency about our editorial process and decision-making.

We will continue to strive to inform and celebrate you with authentically local journalism and community engagement rooted in trust.

We promise to expose problems and seek solutions. We promise to advocate for our communities. We promise to fact check and make corrections the moment we get it wrong.

We promise to remain transparent and authentic and encourage you to hold us accountable for those promises.

-From Jaimie León, General Manager