Feeling the heat? Here are some ways to cool off as temperatures rise

The days keep getting hotter and hotter, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to get out and about in the summer sun.

The summer sun is bringing in the heat and right outside of Dixie Caverns on the concrete it was at 96 degrees, but if you want to cool off just head inside the underground cave. In there it’s at 49 degrees, way cooler than it is outside.

You don’t have to go far to beat the heat, in Roanoke an estimated 2-million-year-old underground cave is a must-see attraction and is keeping visitors cool.

“Dixie Caverns is about 55 degrees or less year-round, so it is much colder here than it is outside. Most days the last couple of weeks have been up into the 90′s and very humid whereas here it’s a little colder and more wet and feels a whole lot better than it does outside,” Cristiano Dimaro, a tour guide at Dixie Caverns said.

But if you don’t feel like spelunking to cool off, a sweet treat and a quick brain freeze will do the trick. Some people had the same idea.

“I like ice cream because it’s good for a hot day,” people at the ice cream shop said.

The sweltering heat can be deadly so it’s smart to try and find ways to get out of the heat and cool off and these are just a couple ways right in our backyard.

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