Beat the heat: How to stay safe and active in the summer heat

As summer temperatures soar, staying active can be a challenge.

Doctors said, if you need to be exercising outside, the best time to get moving is early in the morning or in the evening during the coolest parts of the day.

Doctors recommend during the hottest parts of the day to exercise indoors by going on a mall walk, or using resources inside your home.

To avoid getting heat-related illnesses, like heat stroke or heat exhaustion, you need to stay hydrated.

“Our body’s way of cooling ourselves is to sweat and when we sweat, we lose most of our body fluids in the heat, so we need to keep drinking fluids to allow us to sweat to cool ourselves, it’s when we stop sweating that we are at risk of a heat-related illness,” Kailey Duncan, doctor of physical therapy at LewisGale Medical Center said.

We’re told you should pace yourself when exercising in the heat, and don’t push your body while out in the blazing sun.

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