Send us pics of your purr-fect pets for National Kitten Day 🐱


National Kitten Day is July 10, so we’re giving your feline friends some time to shine!

Hey, cat lovers, I see you...and I know you’re looking for any chance to show just how cute your fur baby is - so here’s your chance!

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And, we may be celebrating National Kitten Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate allll the cats out there - no matter how old.

So, send us a photo of your purr-fect pet via Pin It, and you might even see them on TV on our social media pages.

Not sure how to use Pin It? No worries, it’s a piece of cake!

Here’s how to use Pin It:

  • Upload your photo to Pin It under the Precious Pets channel
  • Include your pet’s name in the description (optional)
  • Hit submit
  • Give your fur baby extra cuddles
  • Be on the lookout for your furry friends during our newscasts and on our social media platforms!

Once you upload your pictures, you should see them below:

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