Pulaski County native and alum Todd Grantham gives back to Cougars program

DUBLIN, Va. – In a small towns like Pulaski, the high school football program is one filled with tradition and takes on special meaning.

No doubt, that would include alums such as former Pulaski County Cougar, Virginia Tech Hokie and current New Orleans Saints coach, Todd Grantham.

“I’ve always wanted to give back in some way and obviously since Joel Hicks passed away last year, I’ve been thinking about some things to do,” Grantham said.

The opportunity came back in May when the Saints organization offered players and coaches a chance to donate Guardian Caps to local New Orleans schools. It was such a success, they were allowed to then donate to a school of their choice.

“I was just excited about something that I thought would be a good fit for them, something that they could use and need,” Grantham said. “I’ve always been one to kind of believe that you never forget the people that helped you achieve your goals and your aspirations as you’ve developed your career, and obviously Pulaski County provided me with an opportunity to go out and launch the career that I’ve had. It was just a small token of my appreciation to them that can’t afford someone else that same opportunity moving forward.”

The Guardian Caps were a perfect fit. As Pulaski County head coach Cam Akers explains, safety has always been the number one priority on the field. So, receiving the donation was a plus for the Cougars program.

Pulaski County head coach Cam Akers shows 10 Sports the Guardian Caps the program was recently gifted (WSLS)

“You know, the concern with a lot of parents is the dangers of the head injuries and so on in football,” said Akers. “But, I can promise people the sport of football and coaches are more up-to-date with spending time and how to protect their players more than any other sport.”

The Guardian Cap fits around the helmets and adds an extra layer of protection for players who may hit the turf, another body part, or head-to-head collision.

“It was exciting for us because you know that’s kind of the trend right now--these Guardian Caps,” Akers said. “You’re seeing the division one (NCAA) and the NFL so we felt like it was a great opportunity for us to jump on.”

For Grantham, it was a small token of appreciation to the program that gave him so much.

“It was really cool and really excited that I can give back to the place that I grew up in.”

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